Altar Servers are 4th through 8th graders who assist during mass.  They perform tasks such as lighting candels, preparing the altar, adn holding the presider's ritual book.


Lectors bring God’s Word to life at Mass, as they proclaim the Scriptures and lead the Prayers of the Faithful. They devote time to preparing and reflecting on the readings in advance, so they may be proclaimed with familiarity, reverence and love.


Eucharistic Ministers, by assisting the priest in distributing Holy Communion to the assembly, nourish the assembly with the gifts from the sacred table. This ministry is open to all Catholics who have been fully initiated with the sacraments of Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation.


Ushers embody the mission of our church to foster a warm community that welcomes and values each person. These volunteers greet the gathering assembly, assist with seating, take up the collection, distribute worship aids and bulletins, and straighten up the church for the next celebration.


Ministry of Care is an outreach service to those who are unable to participate in the celebration of the Eucharist due to sickness or age. Minsters of Care are parishioners who are commissioned by St. Philip's to offer compassion, prayer and Holy Communion to those who are sick or homebound.


The music ministry at St. Philip has a reputation for providing the people of God with joyful and prayerful worship experiences and concerts. At the core of the community´s music program are many dedicated musicians of all ages — singers and instrumentalists alike.


Ministers of the altar serve the community's prayer by helping to make the ritual of the Mass proceed with style and grace.  Their ministry includes being an example to the rest of the community through their faithful attention and participation during the liturgy.