Our Religious Education and C.A.R.E. Programs

St. Philip the Apostle’s Religious Education Program (PREP) is led by faith-filled people, guided by the Holy Spirit and the Gospel, striving to share the Good News of Jesus Christ...

St. Philip the Apostle’s Religious Education Program (PREP and CARE) recognizes that parents are indeed the primary religious educators. It is through parents, together with and supported by other members of the faith community, that the Gospel of Jesus is proclaimed and celebrated.

  • to CELEBRATE together because the Lord is in our midst and dwelling within us,
  • to CARE about each other, sharing our joys and sorrows,
  • to GROW in awareness of Jesus, alive and active in our lives,
  • to HELP our children learn Christian values and set goals,
  • to INVITE everyone to share in one another’s goodness, talents, hopes and visions.

Our program, cooperating with the parents of our students,
endeavors to reinforce the faith life of our young people in three important ways:

  1. PREP/CARE attempts to build a community of faith among the catechists and students through regular Mass attendance, shared prayer, and other activities.
  2. PREP/CARE encourages and enables its participants to become like Jesus, persons of loving service to others.
  3. PREP/CARE seeks to help not just the students, but their parents and catechists as well, to grow in their knowledge of Church traditions, teachings and doctrine, and the unconditional love of God for us all.

Based on the primacy of parental involvement and supported by the cooperative efforts of the total church community, the Religious Education Program of St. Philip the Apostle has for its goals the forming of a Christian attitude and the development of faith in each individual – parent, child, catechist. 

PREP is offered to elementary school students who do not attend Catholic school. The sessions are held on Sunday mornings from 10:45 a.m. to Noon in the school building led by our generous volunteer catechists.

The CARE (Children and Religious Education) program is designed for kindergarten-age children (five years old). It uses stories, poetry and hands-on activities to help children tell their own stories and reflect on their feelings and choices as filtered through the Gospel message of Jesus. The program also meets Sunday mornings from 10: 45 a.m. to Noon in the school building.

For more information please contact PREP office:

(847) 446-8390

Sr.  Magdalena Tkaczyk  DRE

Donna Falzone

Liturgy of the Word

for the children

every Sunday during Mass at 9: 30 am

(on the days of PREP)